From The Korea Times; December 3, 2012-translation-

"Word of mouth is spreading the news about the effective treatment of chronic pain disorders.
Consecutive recovery cases of chronic disorders with acupuncture"

There have been many recovery cases of chronic disorders in the Revival Acupuncture & Herbs which is famous for its profound studies and successful treatment of chronic disorders.
A 64 year old man, a resident of Long Island, who went through a surgery for disc herniation in his lumbar 30 years ago, had suffered from stenosis in lumbar for 7 years. His pain became even worse when disc herniation occurred in lumbar 2 years ago. He had tried various treatments but nothing had worked. He felt hopeless. He came to visit Revival Acupuncture & Herbs. He started with doubts but felt better from the initial treatment. In 5 treatments, the chronic pain disappeared except for a slight discomfort when waking up in the morning.
A 58 year old, a resident of Flushing, had suffered from disc disorders in his cervical vertebrae and degenerative knee arthritis. His neck was stiff and hard to rotate. He could not walk for long distances due to the knee pain. However, he recovered well enough to maintain a normal life after being treated at Revival Acupuncture for one month. Many patients who suffered from these disorders live in despair because these are difficult disorders to recover from.

* After graduating from Dongguk Royal University of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Chung has studied 4 different types of acupuncture under 4 masters of Oriental Medicine for 10 years. Her characteristic ability is the masterful technique which enables her to select the optimal treatment method for each patient effectively.
* She said “Oriental Medicine is a complete study where the outcome of 2700 years of profound study and extensive research has been preserved well. If the effect had not been satisfactory, it would have perished. I hope that many patients will recover from chronic diseases through confidence in Oriental Medicine”

From The Korea daily; October 8, 2012-translation-

A 63 year old woman, a resident of Connecticut, had suffered from sciatica and severe arthritis of fingers. Her fingers were crooked for 10 years. She drove to Revival acupuncture Clinic, a 2 hour drive, after hearing about the fame of Revival acupuncture & Herbs. In 3 acupuncture treatments, the sciatica improved remarkably, and in 2 months her crooked middle finger became straight.
A 57 year old man, a resident of Flushing had an injury to his knee when he served in the army 30 years ago. Since then, he had suffered from the pain. It ached when he walked to stairs and when he pushed the brake pedal while driving. After receiving 7 acupuncture treatments in Revival Acupuncture & Herbs, he recovered well enough to enjoy walking with a healthy leg.
Joseph, 60 year old resident of Long Island city is a stroke patient. He was discharged from an American hospital because there was nothing else they could do for his hemiplegia. He had lived relying on the wheelchair mostly. One day, he heard about the fame of Revival Acupuncture & Herbs in a deli store owned by a Korean. He visited the clinic immediately. When he visited the clinic the first time, he was not able to move his right hand or right leg due to the paralysis and his right leg was crooked outward. His crooked leg became straight in 3 treatments. He came to be able to move his foot and leg in one month, and his sensation returned about 30%. At present, he has recovered well enough to go to the bank without a wheelchair and to grip an object with the hand that was once totally paralyzed.
Dr. Chung LA.c has studied all sorts of arthritis, lower back pain and sciatica in depth for 10 years, after graduating from Dong Gook Royal University of Oriental Medicine. She said “I am trying to treat chronic diseases with acupuncture pursuing full recovery. The advantage in my practice is the capability to select the optimal treatment method for each patient out of the various types of the acupuncture which I have studied for a long period of time “