A remarkable improvement with acupuncture treatments

An 80 year old stroke patient who was paralyzed on the right arm , hand and leg shows a remarkable improvement with acupuncture treatments performed by Dr. Chung.
Five Element acupuncture was used.

- Improvement of walking with a walker after 2 months of acupuncture treatments

- Capable of walking with one cane after 4 months of treatments

- Capable of tying sneaker with the right hand after 4 months of treatments

*Video for testimonial - acupuncture for knee arthritis

- Acupuncture for knee arthritis / Revival Acupuncture & Herbs

* Susan -posted at Yahoo on 10/16/12

I had stiff neck caused by disc herniation of cervical vertebrae, shoulder pain, sciatica for more than 10 years. Every morning, I have had terrible neck pain and pain and numbness in the leg at night time. It was so severe that it, frequently kept me awake the whole night. Through my friend’s recommendation I visited Dr. Chung and within a month I was freed from all my pains. I had have received various types of treatment in many other places to cure my chronic disorders for many years but I was never relieved as much as now. Her methods of acupuncture seem very unique and powerful, I truly recommend her to anyone who suffers from chronic illness. Thank Dr. Chung. THANK YOU!

* Carly -posted at Yahoo on 10/14/12

The problem in my knee started from the injury occurred when I served in the army in my twenties in Korea. Since then, I have suffered from the pain in my knee for 30 years. It has been getting worse as I grew older since the injury was combined with degenerative arthritis. For the last 7 years, it was ached when I walked only two steps. I have lived in second story house. Also I felt pains when I pushed the brake pedal while driving. I was led to Dr. Chung through my friend’s recommendation in May this year. My friend introduced her as an expert in arthritis. Even though her recommendation, I visited the clinic with a doubt because mine was very chronic. However, I started feeling better after the initial treatment. I had received the acupuncture treatment 7 times together with herbal medicine by Dr. Chung. Surprising, the pain was gone! I had finished the treatment in May. I have been OK without recurrence. I believed that acupuncture is not only for pain management but also cure. I wish many people get helped from chronic illness after reading my true and sincere testimonial.

* Veronica -posted at Google on 09/28/12

I am a friend of Joseph Parisi. I am writing this on behalf of Joseph Parisi according to his dictation because Joe is not able to write due to the brain damage. The followings are his testimonial. “I was hit by a car while riding motorcycle 3years ago. In the next morning, I discovered myself paralyzed on the entire right side of my body with speech impairment and loss of memory.

The doctor explained 6 spots of my brain was damaged by blood clot which was traveled from the hole in the heart created by the accident. I was in stroke condition. Besides, my external injuries were extremely severe. I had gone through surgeries 6 times. The entire femur bone and knee in the left side was replaced with titanium. My right thumb was so painful that I had to take Botox every 3 month to make it numb. The MD told me I must sit in the wheel chair for the rest of my life. However, I did not accept this sentence. I tried so hard to walk through physical therapy. Since 2 years after the accident, I started walking, but it was so limited that I mostly relied on wheel chair. I could not walk up the stairs and couldn’t walk more than 10 feet. I had received acupuncture treatment for 5 months in Manhattan before coming here. It helped me a little. Then I witnessed a remarkable recovery of a serious illness by Dr. Chung’s treatment from a Korean lady in my neighborhood. I decided to visit her. The dramatic changes started happening with her treatment. My right leg became strong. My trembling leg and arm become calmer. In 2 weeks, I was able to move my paralyzed, closed fingers in the right hand. I could open and close my fingers. In 4 weeks, I was able to move my paralyzed toes and raise my leg. I could have never done this motion before. In 8 weeks, I even walked up to 2nd floor. I am able to walk much longer than before. I can go to the bank by myself without wheel chair. All these activity were impossible for me before. In 8 weeks, I was able to grip things with the right hand. In 10 weeks, I even lifted my clutches and bags with my right hand. I am so enthusiastic about my progress. I am still going to the clinic anticipating more progress. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Chung.

* Barbara -posted at Yahoo on 10/19/12

I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right shoulder. I went for physical therapy 3 times a week for 3 months and although my arm got better, I was still unable to reach my right arm over my left shoulder. After only a few acupuncture treatments with Dr. Chung, I can now reach over my right shoulder, get bowls down from the kitchen cabinet, wash my hair and do many more things I was unable to do before seeing her. Dr. Chung is also treating me for hot flashes due to menopause. Unless you have experienced them, you have no idea how debilitating they are. Before my acupuncture treatments I was getting 10 to 12 hot flashes a day and was awakened many times during the night with hot flashes too. I was feeling miserable and constantly complained to whoever would listen to me. I no longer get hot flashes!!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am. Dr. Chung’s skillful treatments have made an enormous positive difference in the quality of my life. I am so very grateful to Dr. Chung.


-posted at Yelp on 11/25/13
I have posted before, and I hope there are people who are now thanking me for recommending Dr. Chung. But you need to know, my face is still fine. It does not twitch, and I can smile. 15 years of doctors and numbing medicines were not able to to do what Dr. Chung did for me. If anyone would like a before and after picture, please let me or Dr. Chung know. Recently I was stricken with a pain in my back and upper thigh region that was so severe, my co-workers needed to use a wheelchair to move me. (Truth is, for a about a week or so, I was getting little twinges in the area, but ignoring them). I visited Dr. Chung, and she treated me for about two or three hours. Incredibly, I walked out of her office, pain-free, and have remained so ever since. I know it's hard to believe, but Dr. Chung is a miracle worker. Just try. Tell Dr.Chung what you are experiencing. You will be as amazed and as thankful as I am for her abilities and dedication to her practice. Her kindness and caring manner are a tonic. She has changed my life, and I am ever so grateful. . Was this review …?

-posted at Yelp on 08/11/12
I have been seeing Dr. Chong for just a few months. I have a condition similar to Bell's palsy. The right side of my face drooped dramatically, was numb, and I was unable to smile completely. Since receiving acupuncture treatments here, for the first time in 10 years, I can open my right eye completely, my face does not droop, and I can smile. I also have feeling in my face. The results are miraculous!! I cannot praise the doctor and her treatments enough. I don't fully understand why this works, but I know that neither mind-numbing medicines like neurontin and klonopin, nor paralyzing botox, was able to do for me what these treatments have done. My friends and family are amazed, as am I. The doctor is genuine, kind, warm and very devoted to her patients. She is also extremely bright and capable. This small office in Flushing is a place where miracles happen. I feel so fortunate to have found it. Dr. Chong has changed my life.

* John -posted at Google on 12/24/12

I was diagnosed with glaucoma in my left eye 7 years ago. My vision was blurry, and my left eye was stiff, dry and painful accompanied by a stiff neck. 60% of the nerve in my left eye was lost and my eye pressure reached a high of over 26. I went through the surgery in the eye, since eye doctor told me that the nerve in my eye might be damaged even more without the surgery. The pressure dropped to an almost normal state immediately after the surgery. However, it started rising in few months and then reached to the risky 26 again where the nerve in the eye may have been further damaged. I had used eye drops all the time but the eye pressure did not drop any further. All the symptoms in my eye returned. I met Dr. Chung December, 2011 and started treatment. Soon after the treatments, I felt some relief in my eye and neck. In about 7 treatments, the pressure dropped to 19. Then I started taking herbal medicine along with acupuncture treatments. I continued receiving treatment for about 3 months steadily. Eventually, the eye pressure dropped to 15 which are good. My eye and neck felt so much better. I continued receiving treatments occasionally for another few months. Since then, I have rarely received the treatments for many months. So far, my eye pressure has stayed at 15. Dr. Chung explained me that it is the liver heat which causes glaucoma, and stress produces liver heat. I really believe in her. I appreciate her of saving my eye!!

* Christoper Song -posted at Yelp on 02/19/13

My life was very miserable before getting treatment from Dr. Chung, I had surgery in my lumbar disc a long time ago and it helped. As years progressed, the problem in my lower back started again 7 years ago . I was diagnosed with stenosis in the lumbar . In addition, 2 years ago, the disc herniation was added to stenosis in the lumbar. So, the pain got worse.I had suffered from the constant sever pain in my lower back and hip . The pain excelled to a higher point where radiating pain in the leg would bother me most of time when I stood up or walked . With this amount of pain, I basically tried anything that can relieve the pain but no one could help me. One day I was reading this newspaper article about Dr. Chung and her practices on chronic pain disorder. Then, I visited her and surprisingly the pain I was suffering was getting better after initial treatment. After eight treatments, the sever chronic pain was almost gone except slight discomfort when getting up in the morning. My condition has been improving and well maintained, even though I rarely visit her since then . I give much thanks to Dr. Chung with all my heart .

* Cosmo I. -posted at Yelp on 03/08/13

Last summer while I was on vacation, I experienced some pain in my knee. About a week later, as I was coming out of my car, I had severe pain and was unable to take another step. I called my kids and they came to help. I went to an MD and he prescribed Anti- inflammatory drugs and a narcotic type pain killer. He then said that I should see an Orthopedic Specialist . I made an appointment, they took ex rays. I was told that I have Osteoarthritis. My cartilage had worn away. I was told that I could take Cortisone shots but ultimately , I should consider a Knee Replacement Surgery. I was also told not to consider the natural alternatives because they do not work. I made a new appointment for a Cortisone shot and got it a week later but it did not work. I was further aggravated when I got a bill for $1200. I would not accept that I should consider a knee replacement. I began researching and started taking Glucosamine , Chondroitin and many other supplements, vitamins and Ibuprofen. I had trouble walking , going up and down stairs and thought that a normal life was over. I bought a Cane and an expensive Knee Brace. One day in January, I went into a diner on Queens Blvd. with my girlfriend and picked up the Queens Tribune newspaper . I started reading it and found Dr. Chung's ad. In addition I found 2 other acupuncture ads. I got a good feeling from Dr. Chung's ad and decided to call her. I immediately felt her caring confidence . She sounded very knowledgeable about my condition and made me feel that she could cure my condition and not just kill the pain. Although I was skeptical , I said that it is worth a try. Anything is better than having metal knees installed. I checked her website and found that she specializes in Degenerative Knee Arthritis. I came in the next day for a consultation and began treatment immediately. I felt a little better right away and was surprised that after three weeks , I had stopped taking pain killers and was walking better. Dr. Chung also suggested talking Herbal Medicine. She said that recovery would speed up. I agreed and although the herbal liquid reminds me of drinking "muddy water", I am happy to say that I am greatly improved .I do not use a cane nor knee brace. I have been going for almost two months and the results are just miraculous . Apparently I had also developed Sciatica and that pain was excruciating . My Sciatica is gone and my knees feel almost normal . Right now I am able to go up and down steps in a normal fashion. Before , I had to do one step at a time. I took my first long walk last Saturday. I walked for over 2 miles at the beach in Stamford.. I had a little pain in my knees the next day but it went away in 24 hours. I am 61 years old and I am now addressing other health issues with acupuncture. I am now coming in for Weight Control, High Blood Pressure and an Enlarged Prostate. Some treatments are quick and easy , others may take numerous visits. I feel like I am going for an overhaul , the same way that they re-do old cars. I am re-doing my Body Inside and Out! I had a stiff neck pain and that was treated in 2 visits. I also had a pain in my shoulder muscle and that was treated in one visit. The commitment is definitely worth it. After all, How much is good health worth ? I am very grateful to be treated by Dr. Chung and feel that any one who uses her will be very Lucky !! Was this review …?